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Report A Scam

From Detection to Resolution, Your Shield Against Scams

Our Mission

Have you fallen victim to a scam or fraud? Take a moment to center yourself – Report a Scam (RAS) is here as your ally in this challenging situation. Our platform is designed to seamlessly guide you through the entire process of reporting the incident, securing your online devices, and seeking support from legal and forensic specialists. If necessary, psychological assistance is also available.

Our mission is to deliver comprehensive support from the beginning to the end of scam and fraud cases. Concurrently, we offer an extensive list of internet frauds and scams, contributing to the creation of a safer online environment for everyone.

Rest assured, you are not alone in this journey. RAS is committed to providing thorough resources and assistance, ensuring that victims have access to the support they need. Together, we strive towards building a secure and protected online community.

The Process

Below you will find the steps to follow

1. Report

By submitting a report to “Report a Scam” (RAS), you play a crucial role in enriching our database. Your contribution not only prevents others from falling victim to the same frauds but also empowers our dedicated team to offer you insightful guidance on navigating your specific case. Together, we build a collective defence against scams, ensuring a safer online environment for everyone.

Explore our comprehensive list of law enforcement agencies worldwide, complete with direct links for easy reporting, phone numbers, and email addresses. Access the information you need swiftly and efficiently, empowering you to report scams and fraudulent activities with confidence.

Discover our extensive compilation of financial authorities dedicated to handling fraud cases. Navigate through our user-friendly list, featuring direct links for seamless reporting, along with phone numbers and email addresses for quick and efficient communication. Empower yourself to report scams and fraudulent activities with confidence, armed with the information you need at your fingertips.

Helpful Information

We have compiled a list of crypto companies people have reported to us.

We have compiled a list of companies people have reported to us.

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