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Frequently Asked Questions

GENERAL is an online platform dedicated to enabling users to report frauds, scams, and dishonest individuals. It serves as a powerful tool to expose unethical and outright illegal practices of companies and individuals, with the aim of preventing them from victimising more people.

Users can easily report scams and frauds by visiting the website and navigating to the “Report a Scam” section. Follow the provided instructions to submit detailed information about the incident. This information is then compiled and made available to the public, contributing to a collective effort to expose and prevent fraudulent activities.

No, using is completely free of charge. Our mission is to create a transparent and accessible platform to combat scams, frauds, and unethical practices without any financial burden on users. empowers individuals by providing a platform to share their experiences and insights, creating a collective effort to expose scams and frauds. By reporting incidents, users contribute to a growing database of information that can help others avoid falling victim to similar schemes.

Yes, we prioritise the privacy and security of our users. All information submitted through is treated with utmost confidentiality. Personal details are protected, and only relevant information necessary to expose scams is shared publicly.

Yes, accepts reports on both companies and individuals involved in fraudulent activities. Our goal is to create a comprehensive database that covers a wide range of scams and dishonest practices.